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Youth Academy Cadets will experience a highly demanding environment, which will push them to perform to the maximum limits of their ability.  It is the goal of this program to instill a renewed sense of respect, duty and loyalty in each of our Cadets.

We hope to reach out to our cadets and show them all of the different aspects of the Emergency Services and the Military.  Our academy is staffed by a team of highly trained military and law enforcement professionals. 

We would like to acknowledge  the following individuals who contribute their time and expertise to our program.


Craig Lynch

Anna B. Geraghty

Rey Sanchez

Det. Hector Liriano

Dsg. Misskerg

Whitney Luciano

Police Officer Martin Perez

Coach Glenn Canicci

Rahoul Chattergie

Bogota Aux Police

Wayne Sorge

Adam Schaefer

Presentation Topic

Life Skills

Nutrition/Health and Hygiene

Fire Arms Safety Briefing

Fire Arms Demonstration

Social Media Safety

Substance Abuse/Bullying

Juvenile Justice

Physical Training

Self Defense

Auxiliary Police Presentation

Bogota Rescue

Bogota Fire Department Presentation

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