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Meet The Staff


Sgt. Craig Lynch

Program Director

Sgt Lynch has been an outstanding member of the Bogota Police Department for the last 25 years.  He bagan his career as a Bogota Police Officer in 1990.  Prior to his tour in Bogota, Sgt. Lynch served in the USAF Military Police and worked for the New York City Department of Juvenile Justice for two years.  

Sgt. Lynch is a Nationally Certified School Resource Officer and is a Certified Police Instructor.


Anna Geraghty, BSN, RN

Program Coordinator

Miss Ferris is a graduate of the Bogota Public School system.  She went on the complete her studies at Felician College where she graduated with a concentration in pediatric and adolescent medicine.  She is a New Jersey Certified Registered Nurse.

Along with serving as the Program Coordinator for the BPESYA program, Miss Ferris is a volunteer member of the Bogota First Aid Squad, the Bogota Rescue Squad and a member of the Bogota Board of Health.


Rey Sanchez

Technical Supervisor

Mr. Sanchez serves as our Technical Supervisor.  He is a computer and advanced surveillance systems specialist, and is a National Rifle Association certified weapons safety instructor.  Mr. Sanchez is responsible for all audio and video productions of the Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy.


Martin Perez

Jersey City Police Officer

Mr. Perez is  veteran of the United States Navy.  He has a strong background in Juvenile Corrections.  Mr. Perez is currently a member of the Jersey City Police Department.


David W. Coleman

United States Navy

Mr. Coleman is a member of the United States Navy.  He has served several combat tours in the middle east and is a Personal Protection Specialist.


Gabriel Castellanos

Bergen County Police Officer

Mr. Castellanos is a United States Army veteran.  He is currently an officer with the Bergen County Police Department.  Prior to serving Bergen County, Mr. Castellanos was an officer with the New York City Police Department and the Bergen County Sheriffs Department.


Rich Carrion
Bergen County Sheriffs Department Police Officer

Mr. Carrion is a graduate of the Bogota Public School system.  He is currently an officer with the Bergen County Sheriffs Department.

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